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Larkin Callaghan recently completed her doctorate in health behavior and public health education at Columbia, focusing on women's health and global health development. With research and program experience in HIV and sexual health, social network building, trauma and violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and how socioeconomic status and history of abuse contribute to health and social mobility, she specializes in women's and adolescent health, population health, communication and social marketing and the health of vulnerable populations - and how they relate to one another. She also works as a UN Correspondent for MediaGlobal, covering issues affecting the least developed countries, with a not-exclusive focus on global health. She posts about public health, sociology and social justice, human rights, research, and gender. She manages the Reproductive Health Daily Tumblr and is a fellow in Health Communication and Epidemiology at Columbia's Mailman School of Public Health, where she writes and uses social and new media to promote research that focuses on health disparities, access and rights. She’s an avid runner and a California loyalist, and also posts longer opinion pieces on I'm Not Tired Yet at https://larkincallaghan.wordpress.com/.
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Planned Parenthood Action explains its decision to drop the pro-choice/anti-choice/pro-life labels. Thoughts?


Written by Mary Tuma for RH Reality Check. This diary is cross-posted; commenters wishing to engage directly with the author should do so at the original post.

Published in partnership with The American Independent.

A GOP lawmaker is looking to make Texas the latest state to…


We have to constantly be on watch for the incremental steps being taken to chip away at reproductive rights.


“I am very pleased to see that the number of women dying in pregnancy and childbirth continues to decline. This shows that the enhanced effort of countries, supported by UNFPA and other development partners, is paying off. But we can’t stop here. Our work must continue to make every…

Check out my latest post over at the 2x2 Project, about HIV criminalization laws. Learn about how they impact public health and prevention education efforts.


Benefits of Contraception. Video by Guttmacher Institute address the comprehensive benefits of family planning.

Check out this great inforgraphic courtesy of the Center for American Progress that lays out the ways in which women will now benefit from preventive care thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

…But it’s more nuanced and complicated than that.

"More than half of young men and a quarter of young women who participated in a 2009 survey displayed serious gaps in knowledge about common contraceptive methods." This isn’t too surprising to reproductive health advocates, but the further detailed breakdown is interesting:

"Sixty-nine percent of young women and 45% of young men were highly committed to avoiding pregnancy. Some 25% thought that using condoms every time one has sex is a hassle, 60% underestimated the effectiveness of oral contraceptives and 40% held the fatalistic view that using birth control does not matter. The more strongly men and women agreed that regular condom use is "too much of a hassle," the more likely they were to expect to have unprotected sex."

What I found particularly valuable in these findings was the specific articulation of the influence of peer behavior, which as we know, for adolescents is hugely important. What are your thoughts?